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I’m Ann Idisi. I’m simply on a journey here to give insight into a Nigerian’s perspective.

This is a first of many on our ‘Signatures’ feature column where notes from personal or global insights will be shared. I appreciate you even taking the time to read through to this line. Do go on and we hope you stay glued as this will be a platform where we can develop a great rapport too, given the pleasure using the comment section.

Everyone is a brand. This is regardless of where you come from, or the colour of your skin or Language differences all of which exist to set some form of boundaries, yet in a way giving us an identity that unites us all.

However, our truest definitions comes not just from our uniqueness but our differing experiences that mould us as we walk the destination that is life, whether in time past, present and future.
It is through this phase, I seek to share opinions, lifestyles, definitions and cues on any and everything not particular to self alone, but also embarking with echoing the thoughts and savouring every breath.

The beauty each day offers could blaze a trail or to merely exist. I choose to live! The warmth of sheer joy and happiness filled with some unpleasant moments trails this path, even if the best foot is always forward. No more shadows. Join me, let’s do this!

The future is ours for the taking. All that is needed is to make memories from the present to create the pathway we need, not just for ourselves, but for generation that awaiting a great reveal.

I make no promises, a day at a time is my unveiling, but do let me know you’re here.

The categories the My Nigerian Experiences website seeks to fill includes: Signatures, Features, Relationships, Weddings, Delicacies, Dessert, Brands, Fashion, Music, Travel, Hospitality, Happenings, News, Real Estate, Sports and Entertainment. 

The contents are however not limited by being solely Nigerian but relating from the viewpoint as the case may be.

So if you have an article, a tale or happening to share by virtue of birth, travel, work, residence, or you haven’t ever been here in Nigeria but have significant intuition of your ‘Nigerianess’ (pun intended), by all means splurge!!!

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