MNE DELICACIES: Her Culinary View


FOOD is a necessity regardless of how much abstinence is required for a season. There’s only as far as one can progress with that. However, some people don’t joke with it. One thing that stands excellent cooking from just the norm is the preparation process, fresh ingredients, relevant spice addition and presentation.

Some of us may have seen the movie, ‘The 100 Foot-Journey’ on the competition between the regal resturant owner and the Indian family business, led by a comical and daring papa, who just migrated into France to begin their lives after losing all they had including their mother to take culinary ownership of the little village.

Anyways, my point here is that the talented and humble Chef, Hassan, who was also a sight to behold, stood out from the onset because of his delicate prowess at cooking. He took particular care to add the right ingredients, stir rightly and go deeper than the norm in plating in service.

Coming back home! Phew* One of the things I remember about cooking en masse was from the countless visits we had from vsitors during holidays or meetings my dad had with his ‘adopted family members’.

You see, mum would have to do a whole lot of cooking ranging from starch, pounded yam, eba, and the commensurate soups to go with the delicaces, including banga and egusi soup.

Do they sell this overseas too? Looks like chocolate swallow *hehe* best guess is Wheat or Amala

On the other hand, there would be yam and plantain goat meat peppersoup, to whet the appetite before these main courses. Mostly jollof rice, but also fried rice and salad would finish it all off as Nigerian continental dishes I believe we can all relate with.

Isn’t this such a blast?

I kid you not, it is not quite a thrilling experience putting so much effort into all the preparations but she handled it pretty well, except that I hated washing dishes after the guests.

Exotic Salad!

I’m not quite sure how this connects but I thought she was a superb multi-tasker at these events.
There is however one lady I have come to see her culinary journey on Instagram who meets most of these multi meal criteria even while resident in the diaspora. I was told there were no real Nigerian foodstuffs abroad as a student, and if it was, they were very expensive! Don’t know how true this is, do tell us your experiences.

As a family inclined mother, the way she presents meals with expertise leaves a lot to the senses. You find yourself savouring every bite before you get a chance to even grab a bite!
She once made pounded yam from a food processor, a feat I found pretty thrilling.

Oha Soup

Challenge accepted! I will definitely try my hands at lots of pratical sessions when *Le boo* where ever he may be, finally decides to show me the way to the chamber of matrimony.
Enjoy savouring every deliciously savoury moment from the FoodLandFairy. You haven’t heard the last of us fairy godmother!

You can follow find more Nigerian delicious home made recipes on her website here
You can also find her on Instagram @foodlandfairy.


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