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With the advent of property agencies who have become desperate and in a bid to ursurp honest Nigerians of their hard earned investment, My Nigerian Experiences features in Real Estate is a veritable platform for individuals to source some of the properties that they would love to purchase or get information on some properties that would be needed before taking the big step.

This would also be a platform to engage in matters pertaining to Real Estate.

However, care has to be taken before final proceedings as all the postings have to be verified in person. We do not take any responsibility for the listings although from reliable sources, and as such, ‘Let the Buyer Beware’.


The largest single train refinery project on the planet; A very massive project to stand in the Ibeju lekki axis come 2019 by Dangote is in progress.

During construction, the project will employ over 25,000 Nigerians and will employ over 300,000 workers upon completion and Dangote is investing over $7 billion (N1.4 trillion) in the project.

When the project comes online, Nigeria will save a minimum of $10 billion a year on imports. The United States Trade and Development Agency is supporting this project with $997 million.

If a business mogul like Dangote can spend *$100 million on the 2,135 plots of land in Ibeju-Lekki  where the project will be situated, then anybody with even 550 Thousand Naira should be thinking of doing same. It’s not compulsory you live there; you can buy as many plots as you can afford and then … WAIT… Land in this axis appreciates faster than anywhere else in the country.

Majority of our estates are located just a few minutes away from this Refinery with prices ranging from N900,000 and above per plot.

To get full information on all of our estates within and around this axis, Contact​: 07036541478


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