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“Mr. Ruthless Execution Life & Business Strategist I’m the 1st Coach you should’ve called to multiply your business profits & the last coach you’ll need…” This is how he describes himself and it carries immense confidence.

Today, we are sharing the experience of a remarkable coach on MNE Signatures , Steve Harris. He defines himself with words and nouns.

“Steve’d (verb) … to have significant and measurable positive transformation and results in your business, and ultimately, your life. .
Steve’d (verb) … to have an obvious distinction from what your business and brand was to what it is now.”

This is one man you should definitely follow. You will become!

Read excerpts from his experience:

I was raised in a home where we had to “manage”. ..When we’d ask dad for things, he’d tell us “Don’t you know we have to manage? When my friends were going abroad for holidays, we were going “inbroad” (our village in Asaba) & when we’d tackle dad, he’d say “you need to know your roots. So, I grew up hating the word “manage”, because it meant having to do without the good things of life..Don’t get me wrong, my dad is an amazing man..But his life experiences determined his relationship with money. For him, money had to be sweated, labored & toiled for. That was the way he saw life. Your life experiences will create your belief systems. Your belief systems determine your decisions & your decisions determine your destiny. I grew up with those limiting beliefs & didn’t know I had them until I got married. One Sunday I took @imma_sh (his wife) for lunch to Mama Cass & this time, she said “one of these days, we should try the Eko Hotel” “Why?”I asked. “Nothing. But we should try it out”. See this babe oh. maybe she has joined bad gang. Me that I use to drive past the hotel & fear never let me enter. “Their food is expensive” I said. “How much is it” she asked? “I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s expensive”. Here’s my 2nd point. You have no facts for what you’re afraid of. My wife kept talking about it until I angrily said “Drop it! Don’t you know we have to manage?” That’s when I knew I had a limiting belief. That because I was raised to live on less, people like me didn’t belong in places like Eko Hotel. I’d never made a CONSCIOUS DECISION not to go to Eko Hotel, but my life experiences created my belief systems &decided that Eko Hotel was a place of Financial danger, so I avoided it & it ultimately decided my destiny. Until I broke free. How I did is another story. What limiting beliefs are holding you back that you are unaware of? Until you change what you believe, you can’t change your life. Determining and breaking your limiting beliefs is the FIRST MODULE in the MBT course, starting January 1st. The reason your business hasn’t grown beyond a certain level is based on what you believe. Let’s change that.


You should definitely work on that.

In other news, the election for 2019 is steadily drawing close, make up your mind to vote and watch your vote work. Only thence you have a say in the faulty Government, otherwise…


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