MNE Travel: The Visit to Lufasi Park


LUFASI PARK is an urban forest dedicated for people to connect and interact with nature. Located in along Km 41, on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, is home to some protected animals. It also houses a man made lake.

LUFASI was born out of a desire to educate and persuade people on the necessity of Loving nature because nature provides us with everything we need. It is a tool for environmental education and awareness.

The visionary behind the park is Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi, a man who has love and is dedicated to preserving our environment. He is a philantropist, an environmentalist and farmer with a thrust on sustainable practices.

On a joint trip to the reserve, we were shown different spots, but of particular note were the animals including the really old tortoise, donkeys, horses, birds, racoons, and the monkeys.

Having a female get -together, Lufasi Park was the perfect location as the ambience, the old trees, peace and quiet made it more thrilling.


At the time of visit, a female monkey who was red-on heat appeared upset at the tour guide’s diversion of attention from her. Moments later, a wig was pulled off the head of a friend in the group by the jealous mammal! Impulse and laughter resounded but apparently, the animal was not excited.

Hangout with the ladies! Can you guess whose wig was pulled? *hehe*

More importantly, these are the values that Lufasi Park represents as an organization.

Forest Conservation: The protection of 20 hectares of indigenous forest in Lagos. We are committed to preserve, restore and extend forests in urban areas.

Environmental Education: We continuously develop creative tools for teaching about Climate Change, Conservation and Forests, merging science with community intelligence.

Animal Rescue: Our center serves as a refuge for distressed and persecuted animals. These animals are protected in the forest park for reintegration into the wild.

Partnerships: Partnerships enable the LUFASI brand to strengthen our fundraising performance, stimulate public relations and communications.

Advocacy: Lufasi spreads awareness about environmental issues as well as advocate against the abuse of our  environment by organizations and governments.

Tree Nursery: Trees are the first victims of urban development. Yet, they are critical for the mitigation of Climate Change and other environmental issues.

For more details, visit their website here

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